*Which Retail Stores Offer Net10 Wireless Products? You can purchase Net 10 phones, Phone cards, and accessories at Net10.com . Also at most Target, Safeway, Best Buys, 7-Elevens, Walmarts, and almost every convenience retailer in the US also have some Net10 Wireless Talk products in stock. You will find the best selection of Net10 phones online a Net10.com .

Samsung T301g and Motorola Razr V3

Can I get a Contract for my Net10 Phone?

Yes sorta, you can get a yearly Net10 Prepaid plan that will cost you $200 and you get one year of service and 2,000 minutes. You can get a 2 yearly plan for $400 that will give you 5,000 minutes. If that is interesting check out the $200 3,000 minute one year deal from Tracfone.com!

You can get an automatic payment plan for your Net10 Wireless phone that will add service time and minutes when you get low or monthly. This is Called Net10 Easy Minutes and is available at Net10.com .

You can start or stop your monthly payment plan with Net10 without an Activation Fee and without a Termination Fee.

*How much is Unlimited Texting with Net10?

Unlimited Texting with Net10 Wireless is no longer available. Most of the Net10 Wireless phone models charge you .5 units per text. Check out Straight Talk.com

The Advantages to Tracfone

The Cheapest monthly service possible. If you use very few minutes you can have an active Cell phone with Tracfone for less than $9 a month. You will have to buy a $20 phone card that is good for 90 days.

The Tracfone Yearly plans can be a good deal.

$100 per year including 800 minutes per year with DMFL. This is only 12.5 cents per minute and just over $8 per month.

The $200 Yearly Tracfone Plan with DMFL gives you 3.000 minutes (6.6 cents per minute) and it will cost you less than $17 per month.

Warning do not add minutes to your phone if you do not have DMFL. For more information on DMFL check out Tracfone DMFL.

For the Best Selection on Tracfones check out Tracfone.com Get $3 off on any Tracfone Phone for $19.99 or more with coupon code 23444

Net10 Advantages

Net10 has the least Expensive prepaid phones. Since you always get 300 minute and 60 days of service when you activate a Net10 phone you will usually pay less for the Net10 phone than a comparable Tracfone.

Simple Ten Cents a minute plan. Buy the $30 three hundred minute card and add it to your phone. You can add a couple at a time. The service time and the minutes will stack up and roll over if you do not use them all. Monspin-022410

You do not want to run completely out of minutes or service time or you will lose your phone number and your remaining minutes or service time.

You can keep your Net10 service active for only $15 a month.

Find great savings at Net10.com

Straight Talk Advantages

Lowest priced Prepaid minutes.

If you are spending $30 a month on Tracfone or Net10 minutes you will get a lot more minutes and texts with the Straight Talk "All You Need Plan."

The Straight Talk All You Need Plan

For $30 you get 1,000 Minutes and 1,000 texts 30 meg of data and 30 days of service.

Straight Talk Unlimited Plan

The Straight Talk Unlimited Plan offers Unlimited Calling, Unlimted Texts and Unlimited Data for $45 per month. This is one of the best Nationwide Unlimited calling plans. This plan is available from Straight Talk.com.

The Straight Talk Service uses the Verizon Cell Tower network. Click here to see if Straight Talk is available in your Area

Wal-Mart Straight Talk

Can I use my Straight Talk Phone as a Modem?

Net10 Prepaid Cell phone Plans