Net10 vs Tracfone Prepaid Phones

Although both Tracfone and Net10 are owned by the same company (America Movil) they have different cell phone rates.

Generally Tracfone minutes are more expensive than Net10 minutes.  Tracfone minutes cost between 33 cents per minute to 17 cents per minute with and $80 card.   With DMFL (double minutes for life) installed on your phone your per minute charges go from a high of 16.66 cents per minute to 8.88 cents per minute. 

Net10 minutes are always ten cents a minute or less.  You can get Net10 minutes for 7.5 cents a minute through the "NET10 Easy Minute" Plan.  When you purchase 1000 minutes for $75 on the "Net10 Easy Minutes Plan" the minutes are 7.5 cents a minute.
Service Time
Generally it will cost you at least Thirty dollars for two months service with Net10 or at least $15 per month.  You can get three months service for as little as Twenty dollars with Tracfone (under $7 a month). 
Tracfone and DMFL
If you do not have DMFL (double minutes for life) on your Tracfone you are probably better off to buy a new phone with DMFl already installed.  You can purchase a Tracfone with DMFL for the same price (fifty dollars) as you will pay for the card.  It is a better deal to buy the new phone with DMFL

Net10 vs Tracfone Prepaid Phones link to All of the phones from the website come with 300 minutes and 60 days of service included.
Kyocera K126c and the Motorola C139

Net10 Kyocera K126c and Tracfone MotorolaC139

Tracfone and Net10 Motorola W370

Both Tracfone and Net10 offer the Moto W370.  This little brother to the Motorola Razr is identical to the Motorola W375 except the W375 also includes a camera.

Net10 Prepaid Cell phone Plans